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Southwest Beacon Investments (SWB) is a private equity real estate firm based in Kansas City, MO. Through quality real estate investments in dynamic markets in southwestern Texas, we strive to generate superior returns for our growing network of select investors.
Our History

SWB has its beginnings in GJB Inc. GJB Inc. has successfully guided investment in dozens of private and public companies in select industries including downstream energy, biotechnology, and defense. In 2012, seeking greater diversification, GJB Inc. began investing in commercial real estate assets and cultivating partnerships with a premier development team in southwestern Texas. Since then, GJB Inc.’s real estate investment strategy has generated higher than average exit returns in a short period of time.  

In 2018, Southwest Beacon Investments was formed to expand its network of select investors and invest in larger commercial projects. As SWB continues to expand its network, we will target more complex and lucrative commercial real estate assets that generate high exit returns.

The SWB Advantage
There are several key benefits to our approach that enable SWB to identify quality investment opportunities with diminished risk and superior returns over short time frames, averaging 18-36 months.
Experience & Insight

Over the past seven years, GJB Inc., and then SWB, have successfully invested in numerous projects. Our real estate investment strategy has matured over time, and as a result, we generate tremendous exit returns. SWB’s approach is highly disciplined and intensive, only selecting premium properties in excellent locations, ripe for development and likely to attract tenants and a buyer. Together with our team of developers, we are able to invest in opportunities substantially more profitable than conventional real estate opportunities.

Strategic Partnership

SWB has a long history of partnering with a world class real estate team in southwestern Texas. Since 2012, the partnership has allowed us to leverage capital to invest in high quality properties in excellent locations. SWB values relationships as fundamental to our success. We draw on diverse resources and deep expertise to identify high quality properties for investment and sell assets with higher than average returns. Our experienced and knowledgeable development partners help us move through each phase of development swiftly, enabling our investors to secure returns in a short period of time.

Dynamic Markets

SWB only invests in well located properties within close proximity to heavily developed areas with significant traffic flows and economic activity. SWB targets speculative opportunities in submarkets adjacent to thriving business districts and brand name retailers. Properties in these submarkets readily attract a variety of potential tenants and investors, mitigating risk and helping to create significant exit returns for our investors upon sale of the asset.

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